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Are consultants working for my organisation entitled to access the website or data?

Consultants who have been appointed to deliver specific work on behalf of a registered organisation are also entitled to register for access to Active Places Power, or the data on it, free of charge. They too will be bound by the User Agreement Terms and Conditions. The consultant should register separately to the contracting organisation, providing details of the request and an estimate on the duration that the accounts need to remain active in order for the contracted work to be completed.

How can I change my password?

Passwords can be changed and reset here.  Note, both username and password are case sensitive.

How can I register / access Active Places Power?

Active Places Power is a password protected website. Users are assigned different rights according to their needs and level of use.

To register please complete the online form - see "Register" link on the homepage. Depending upon your organisation and your requirements, access may be granted automatically.

When registering with the website you will be asked to agree with the following Terms and Conditions?

- Website Terms and Conditions - http://www.activeplacespower.com/Content/Active_Places_Power_Website_Terms.pdf

- Open Data Licence - http://www.activeplacespower.com/Content/ActivePlacesOpenDataLicence.pdf

- Privacy Statement - http://www.activeplacespower.com/Content/Active_Places_Power_Privacy_Statement.pdf

How many Users can register from my organisation?

There is no limit on the number of Users who can register per organisation.

I am not sure whether my organisation is eligible, who do I contact?

You can either submit a request to access Active Places Power through the registration form or contact activeplacesregistration@sportengland.org providing details of your organisation. Either method will send your request details to the Active Places Team who will seek further clarification if needed before making an assessment.

Is there any charge to access the website or data?

Access is free for non commercial use of the website and data. However, Sport England reserves the right to charge for access where either the website or data will be used for commercial purposes. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for further details.

Which organisations are eligible for Active Places Power Registration?

The following are eligible for Active Places Power access:

• Local Authorities (lower and upper tier)
• Non Governmental Department Bodies
• Central Government Departments
• MPs
• National Governing Bodies for Sport
• Sporting Professional Bodies
• County Sports Partnerships
• Individual Clubs
• Planning & leisure consultants
• Companies wishing to use data for marketing
• Trusts
• Universities and all other academic institutions

Individual Users not associated with one of the above organisations will not be granted access. When registering please ensure that you use your organisations e-mail address. Applications made via webmail addresses such as gmail or hotmail will take longer to process. 

A User's registration details should not be passed onto any third parties.