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What contextual base map data is being used within the Active Places Power map component?

The Active Places Power interactive mapping component displays a number of different Ordnance Survey datasets, which are styled and set to display at different zoom levels. They are referenced via an ArcGIS map service hosted by ESRI UK.

Datasets range from MiniScale´┐Ż and 1:250 000 Scale Colour Raster to Vector Map Local (VML) and OS MasterMap thereby providing highly detailed contextual mapping from national to street level. Users can choose between the following basemap styles to provide context to overlaid data.

• 'Grey' – greyscale map with no labels providing the minimal level of contextual detail.  (References the OS_Open_Greyscale ESRI UK Opendata map service.)  Does not display at 1:2,500 or 1:1,250 scales.

• 'Simple' – uncluttered and clean map consistent between all viewing scale.  (References the OS_Open_Background ESRI UK Opendata map service.)  Does not display at 1:2,500 or 1:1,250 scales.

• 'Detailed' – the be comprehensive contextual map showing MasterMap level detail at the largest scales.  (References the OS_VML_MM_Carto ESRI UK Premium map service.)  Default map.  Displays at all scales.

• 'Traditional' – displays Ordnance Survey raster maps including 1:50k, 1:25k and 1:10k at larger scales.  (References the OS_Premium_Rasters ESRI UK Premium map service.)  Does not display at 1:1,250 scale.

Data is updated on a quarterly basis and cached at the following levels:

• 10,000,000
• 5,000,000
• 2,500,000
• 1,000,000
• 500,000
• 250,000
• 100,000
• 75,000
• 50,000
• 25,000
• 10,000
• 5,000
• 2,500
• 1,250

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