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How can I compare outputs for a selected area of interest (AOI) against other AOIs?

The “Compare Area of Interest” is an optional parameter that can be defined for the following reports:

- Detailed Report – Facilities

- Summary Report – Facilities

The “Compare Area of Interest” enables up to 15 comparator AOIs to be selected.  To facilitate the selection of AOIs they have been grouped according to the following relationships:

 Hierarchical Relationship (The hierarchical neighbour AOIs available for selection will be those administrative authorities in ascending hierarchy from the initial AOI selected. For example: CSP(s), County, Region and National for a selected Local Authority.

-  Geographical Relationship (The AOIs whose geographic boundaries adjoin that of the selected AOI). 

-  CIPFA Relationship (The four AOIs whose CIPFA Nearest Neighbours Model score is closest to the selected AOI.  For more details on the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy Nearest Neighbour Model see - http://www.cipfastats.net/resources/nearestneighbours/

-  Core Cities (England’s eight largest city economies outside London)

-  Full listing (All AOIs as listed within the default AOI list enabling the user to choose their own unique combination of comparison AOIs; Region, County, CSP and Local Authority AOIs.