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How can I compare outputs for a selected area of interest (AOI) against other AOIs?

The “Compare Area of Interest” is an optional parameter that can be defined for the following reports:

- Detailed Report – Facilities

- Summary Report – Facilities

The “Compare Area of Interest” enables up to 15 comparator AOIs to be selected.  To facilitate the selection of AOIs they have been grouped according to the following relationships:

 Hierarchical Relationship - The hierarchical neighbour AOIs available for selection will be those administrative authorities in ascending hierarchy from the initial AOI selected. For example: Active Partnerships, County, Region and National for a selected Local Authority.

-  Geographical Relationship  - The AOIs whose geographic boundaries adjoin that of the selected AOI. 

-  Core Cities - England’s eight largest city economies outside London.

-  Full listing - All AOIs as listed within the default AOI list enabling the user to choose their own unique combination of comparison AOIs; Region, County, Active Partnerships and Local Authority AOIs.

(Note CIPFA relationships were removed (August 2019) due to Sport England not maintaining a subscription to the data.)