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Is Active Places data available in GIS formats?

Active Places facility data is not available in native GIS formats such as Esri shapefile. 

However, the geocoded Active Places Facility data can be downloaded either via:

1)  Active Places Power reports (most likely the Detailed Report) for a given area of interest, which will create a snapshot report that can be downloaded as a single csv file.  The single csv file contains a standard set of fields including Easting and Northing grid coordinates.

2) – Active Places Open Data (see APP webpage footer - no login required) which includes all facilities EXCEPT those that are: closed, under construction, planned or are marked as private on the database. This data is in a number of CSV flat files and is updated on a monthly basis.  Again all sport facility records contain Easting and Northing coordinates. 

Note this replaces the version previously available via the spogo website, which was decommissioned in January 2015.  This download provides the most comprehensive set of active places data but records within each file need to be linked together via common IDs and lookups.