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Who collects and maintains Active Places data?

Adetiq are contracted by Sport England to collect, validate and maintain sport facility data within the Active Places database. Adetiq replaced The Leisure Database Company on 2nd November 2015.  

In addition, individual sport facility owners and managers are able to maintain information in real time on their facilities via the self-service Active Places Data Platform.  

Adetiq will continue to update records on a rolling basis primarily through telephone survey with each site being checked on an annual basis. Data is also updated through feedback from users and through an “intelligent audit” e.g. monitoring of planning permissions, trade press etc. 

Should you want to provide detailed feedback or update a lot of information for your area of interest (for example, for a local sport and recreation strategy) please Adetiq on 01273 202212 or activeplaces.data@sportengland.org.