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How can I access the Playing Pitch Calculator?

The Playing Pitch Calculator can help local authorities with estimating the likely demand that may be generated for the use of playing pitches by a new population. It has been developed to assist local authorities with assessing the needs for playing pitches when developing and/or implementing a playing pitch strategy (PPS).

For more information see http://www.sportengland.org/facilities-and-planning/planning-for-sport/planning-tools-and-guidance/playing-pitch-calculator/

If you work for a local authority which has an up to date PPS in place or are in the process of developing one, then to access the PPC firstly register with the Active Places Power (APP) website (if you are not already registered) then email planningforsport@sportengland.org to request access. Once access is enabled the PPC will be added to your list of available reports on APP.