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What does Meets Active Places Criteria mean?

The "Meets Active Places Criteria" flag allows for facilities with specifications outside of expected ranges to be recorded in Active Places.  For example, the facility type of Athletics Tracks is expected to have between 4 and 12 lanes.   If an Athletics Track facility has fewer than 4 or more than 12 lanes then it is outside of the expected range and the "Meets Active Places Criteria" flag will be set to ‘no’. 

The flag allows Active Places to record a broader range of facilities, the benefit being to capture operational facilities even if they are of a non-standard specification. It is not a reflection of the quality or it failing to meet a certain design standard. 

Note, Active Places Power reports set the default setting to “Yes” while the interactive map layer for “All Facilities” shows facilities that do and don’t "Meet Active Places Criteria"