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What are the facility Operational Status definitions?

Operational Status means the functional status of a facility.  The Operational Status of a facility is defined as:

FacStatusID 1 - Planned

FacStatusID 2 - Under Construction

FacStatusID 3 - Operational

FacStatusID 4 - Temporarily Closed

FacStatusID 5 - Closed

FacStatusID 6 - Does not appear to meet Active Places criteria*

FacStatusID 7 - No Grass Pitches Currently Marked Out

FacStatusID 8 - Not Known

* The “Does not appear to meet Active Places criteria” means that the data collected under further inspection has been found to not meet the definitions of the facility type/sub type as defined in the Sports Data Model e.g. it is an AGP where the length is too small etc. It is not a reflection of the quality or it failing to meet a certain design standard. The definitions of the facility types can be found under Help > Sports Data Model (SDM).

Note, Active Places Power reports set the default settings of the "Status" criteria to 2 (under construction), 3 (operational) and 4 (temporary closed) as this is consistent with Sport England's own reporting of "operational" facilities. 

Further it should be noted, within the interactive maps that the “All Facilities” map layer includes all facilities irrespective of operational status.