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What are the facility Operational Status definitions?

Operational Status means the functional status of a facility.  The Operational Status of a facility is defined as:

FacStatusID 1 - Planned

FacStatusID 2 - Under Construction

FacStatusID 3 - Operational

FacStatusID 4 - Temporarily Closed

FacStatusID 5 - Closed

FacStatusID 6 - Does not appear to meet Active Places criteria*

FacStatusID 7 - No Grass Pitches Currently Marked Out

FacStatusID 8 - Not Known

* The “Does not appear to meet Active Places criteria” means that the data collected under further inspection has been found to not meet the definitions of the facility type/sub type as defined in the Sports Data Model e.g. it is an AGP where the length is too small etc. It is not a reflection of the quality or it failing to meet a certain design standard. The definitions of the facility types can be found under Help > Sports Data Model (SDM).