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When was access to Pool Hoist introduced as a facility specific and how should it be used?

Pool hoist attributes were moved from a site level descriptor to individual Swimming Pool facilities during December 2022. This change was implemented to allow a better understanding of accessibility at each pool.

Each pool facility now has the specific “Access to Pool Hoist”. This specific can be attributed as Yes, No, or Don’t Know.

This attribute captures whether the Swimming Pool has access to a hoist. This equipment may/may not be dedicated to an individual Swimming Pool, that is, the hoist may be moveable and shared between different pools at a site.  Alternatively, fixed hoists will be recorded against the specific individual pool.

By working with facility providers and National Governing Bodies, the Active Places team will seek to populate this new attribute as quickly as possible after go-live. However, information will also be gathered as part of ongoing data auditing by the Data Validation Team on the Active Places Data Platform. 

At go live, the following rules were used to populate the specific “Access to Pool Hoist”:

- Sites with multiple Swimming Pool facilities, “Access to Pool Hoist” is set to “Don’t Know”.

- Sites with a single Swimming Pool facility, “Access to Pool Hoist” is set to “Yes” if one or more hoists are recorded in the existing Site Equipment attribute. The values of “No” and “Don’t Know” are used for sites with zero hoists or no information, respectively.

During the initial update period, care should be taken in interrogating and interpreting Swimming Pool accessibility. Until all Swimming Pool facilities have been subject to their latest audit (as part of the continual rolling audit of Active Places data), this attribute will be a partial dataset within Active Places Power.