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What is an ‘overmarked’ pitch?

It can be common for junior and mini football and rugby pitches to be marked out over full-sized adult pitches. Mini soccer pitches may also be marked out over junior football pitches. 

To highlight that these pitches are marked out over a larger pitch type e.g. over an adult pitch, Active Places Power includes an ‘Overmarked flag’. 

Overmarked pitches are counted as separate pitches in Active Places Power but they share the same grass/area as the larger pitch they are marked out over e.g. the adult pitch. 

The overmarked flag is only applied to junior and mini pitches that are marked out over a larger pitch type e.g. the adult pitch they are marked out over would not have the flag applied to it.

Overmarking does not apply to seasonal changes in pitch layouts e.g. where football and rugby pitches (both adult and junior/mini) are marked out on the outfield of a cricket field. 

The Overmarked ‘Flag’ is only applicable to the following junior and mini pitch sub-types: 

Junior Football 11v11

Junior Football 9v9

Mini Soccer 7v7

Mini Soccer 5v5

Junior Rugby

Mini Rugby League 

Mini Rugby Union

As an example, if a site has one adult football pitch with two mini soccer 7v7 pitches marked out over it then all three pitches should be recorded on the site as separate facilities with sperate facility IDs (1 adult and 2 mini-soccer 7v7 pitches). The facility records for both the mini soccer 7v7 pitches should then have overmarked box ticked.

Here is the one adult football pitch, with 2 mini 7v7 pitches overmarked on the adult pitch.  This would appear on Active Places as:

1 Adult Football Pitch

2 Mini Soccer 7v7 - with overmarked flag.