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What is the Site Details Comments tab used for?

Note, Comments function is currently restricted to Sport England users only.

The Comments tab is used to view and submit local intelligence information relevant to either a site as a whole (if it is relevant to all facilities at that site) or for individual facilities located at the site. 

Local intelligence information will be used to help Sport England and its partners track trends and inform related strategic planning work. 

Note, Sport England will endeavour to moderate comments, where necessary editing or deleting any comment at any time should it be deemed inappropriate or unrelated to the purpose of this function. 

It should also be noted that submitted comments may need to be disclosed by Sport England in accordance with the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act 2000. 

To provide knowledge of any edits to site and facility attribute details (i.e. the size dimensions of a sports hall) please use the “feedback” links located in the top right corner of the Site Details pages.