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What are the facility Access Type definitions?

Access Types are defined as:

AccessibilityID 1 - Free Public Access - There is no charge to use the facility

AccessibilityID 2 - Pay and Play - The main means of public access to the facility is on payment of a charge.  The facility may also have a membership scheme, and it may be possible to block book the facility for a specific activity or for lessons, but during the public opening hours anyone can just turn up, pay and play.

For example, local authority swimming pool or health and fitness facility, where the casual user pays per session, although there is also a membership scheme.

AccessibilityID 3 - Sports Club/Community Association use - The main means of public access to the facility is via sports clubs or community associations, which book it for use by their members.  Membership of the club or association is based on a particular sport or community group, and is not based on performance criteria or on a particular facility.  The club or association may use several different facilities.

For example: Access to indoor bowls greens is through a bowls club, or to athletics tracks through an athletics club.  School swimming pool that can be used by a swimming or sub-aqua club, but cannot be used by the general public.

AccessibilityID 4 - Registered Membership use - The main public access to the facility is by membership.  Members usually pay a joining fee as well as a monthly or annual subscription.  Membership is controlled by the owner or manager of the facility.

For example: Fitness First health and fitness facility can only be used by registered members.

AccessibilityID 5 - Private use - The facility cannot be used by the public, either on a pay and play basis or through a recreational club, except when playing against the owner of the site.  It may be available for use by elite clubs or development squads.   

For example: School grass pitches that are only available for the school teams and the teams they are playing against.  University, prison, MOD etc facilities that are not available for public use.

AccessibilityID 6 - Not Known

Access Types are grouped into the following categories:

  • Public Access (AccessibilityID 1 to 4)
  • Private (AccessibilityID 5 only)
  • Not Known (AccessibilityID 6 and NULL)