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What is Active Places Power website and what can it be used for?

Active Places Power is a website to help those involved in providing sport provision with a series of tools to guide investment decisions and develop sport provision strategies. Primarily for Local Authorities and national governing bodies of sport it can help to build an evidence base when identifying and planning where to target interventions for facilities, clubs or other activities.

The website is underpinned by a single database that holds information on sports facilities throughout England. For more details on the data, including which facilities are within the database and how frequently the data is updated, please refer to the specific FAQs.

The tools within the website have a range of capabilities from quick searches and simple reports to a series of push-button analytical tools that aim to make complex modelling techniques as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Each tool is supported with a guide and outputs can be downloaded for use in reports or local systems for further analysis.

The website should be used for:

          • A starting point for auditing existing facility provision as part of sports facility assessments and strategies

          • Benchmarking to compare existing facility provision with nearby and comparable local authorities

          • Basic assessments of the balance between the supply and demand of facilities

          • Creation of catchments for existing or proposed sports facilities to determine accessibility and profile socio- economic and demographic characteristics

The following limitations should be noted:

          • It is limited to 15 facility types

          • It is not possible to perform scenario tests in terms of closing or opening of facilities

          • It does not include detailed programming information and it does not include information on who uses the facilities

          • It does not include individual sports or specific activities which take place on sites

Active Places Power is password protected and users will be assigned different rights according to their needs and level of use. Again for further details on who can register to access the site please refer to the specific FAQ.