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What are the facility Management Type definitions?

Generally there is one management type for each site.  Sometimes there may be more than one (e.g. outdoor facilities are managed by the LEA but indoor facilities are handled by a private contractor).  

    Management Types are defined as:  

    MgmtTypeID 1 - School/College/University (in house) - Managed by the school/college themselves.  Community access to these facilities are often limited to fit around curriculum/University use.

    MgmtTypeID 2 - Local Authority (in house) - Managed by Local Authority using their own staff. 

    MgmtTypeID 3 - Private Contractor (PPP/PFI) - Facility managed by a private contractor as part of the Public Private Partnership / Private Finance Initiative. PPP/PFI  is a partnership between the public and private sector for the purpose of delivering a project or service traditionally provided by the public sector.  This is an arrangement whereby the public sector pays the contractor to build and run a facility for a set period (25 years), after which the facility is handed back to the public sector.  This arrangement is increasingly common with the development of new schools and some Local Authority Leisure Provision.

    MgmtTypeID 4 – Trust - Charitable Trust set up to run sports facilities.  A number of Local Authorities have set up Leisure Trusts to run their leisure centres.  These Trusts benefit from charitable status and work outside the Local Authority structure.  The Local Authority remains the owner of the facility.

    MgmtTypeID 5 - Sport Club - Where the facility is managed by a sports club.

    MgmtTypeID 6 - Commercial Management - Where the facility is managed by a commercial company, such as commercial health clubs.  There are also Local Authority Facilities which have been contracted in to manage Local Authority Leisure Centres. 

    MgmtTypeID 7 - CSSC - Civil Service Sports Council provides sports facilities for employees in Government departments and agencies, the Post Office, BT and many other public bodies and in many companies carrying out ex-civil service work. The CSSC is the largest corporate provider of sport and leisure in the UK and have a network of sports facilities across the country.

    MgmtTypeID 8 - Community Organisation - Facilities that are managed and run by Community Organisations, such as community associations and user groups. 

    MgmtTypeID 9 - Industry Sports Club - Facilities which are managed by an Industrial/Commercial Company for the benefit and use by its staff.  Use of these facilities are often limited to family members of employees.

    MgmtTypeID 10 - Health Authority - Facilities which are managed by the Health Authority.

    MgmtTypeID 11 – MOD - Facilities on MOD sites managed by the Armed Forces.  Limited community availability.

    MgmtTypeID 12 - Other - Other types of management

    MgmtTypeID 13 - Not Known - Facilities where the management type is not known.

    Management types are grouped into the following categories:

    • Education – (MgmtTypeID 1)
    • Local Authority– (MgmtTypeID 2)
    • Trust – (MgmtTypeID 4)
    • Commercial – (MgmtTypeID 6)
    • Others – (MgmtTypeID 3, 5, 7 to 12)
    • Not Known – (MgmtTypeID13 and Null)