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Why is Active Places Power being redeveloped and how will it impact me?

1. Why?

Active Places is being redeveloped on modern technologies to ensure the system can support growing demand for a wider range of data types and reporting tools. Moving to new technologies will improve your user journey with data discovery and analysis supported by a modern mapping interface. Establishing the ecosystem on these technologies will also provide the foundation from which we can continue to build and enhance the data and tools provided by Active Places Power.

2. When?

The redevelopment will commence in April 2023

3. Will data quality be impacted?


Sport England, Site Owners and the Data Validation Team (Adetiq) will be able to update/audit, add and/or close sites and facilities at ALL TIMES during the redevelopment. At no point will redevelopment activities impact our ability to maintain data to current standards.

4. Will the data model change?


There will be no changes to the data model because of the redevelopment. We may however release planned new facility types or facility specifics.

5. Will I be able to access the Active Places data through the redevelopment?


The Active Places data will be accessible at ALL TIMES during the redevelopment. 

6. Will I lose access to the reporting and mapping tools on Active Places Power?

In the long-term, no. While the new Active Places Power will have a different look and feel, all existing functionality will be replicated and, in many instances, enhanced.

While we are redeveloping Active Places Power, it may be necessary to take some reporting tools offline for short periods. Where tools are taken offline, we will provide alternative options to ensure we can support you in your business-as-usual processes.

We anticipate being able to share more detail in February on how users will access Active Places data and tools during the redevelopment.

7. Where can I find out more?

Over the next month, we will be establishing a dedicated page to update users on the redevelopment project. We will also send regular e-mails and notifications to ensure users are kept informed on the project and progress.

8. What it I want to be more involved in the redevelopment?

The Active Places redevelopment will be inclusive. In addition to regularly sharing information, we will seek to include users in the development process. If you would be interested in joining our stakeholder groups, please contact the Active Places Team (App.Enquiries@sportengland.org).

9. I still have a question regarding the redevelopment?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Active Places Team (App.Enquiries@sportengland.org).