Latest Updates

Dec. 2022 - Population Data, Costs, Gymnastics, Site Equipment

On the 15th December 2022, the following updates were released:

The way in which Areas of Interests are described in each of the tools has been updated to ensure consistency and make Local Authorities easier to find.

Population data has been updated to 2022 projections in the Sports Facility Calculator, Playing Pitch Calculator, Catchment Profile and Area Access reports.

Costs have been updated to Q3 2022 figures in the Sports Facility and Playing Pitch Calculators.

Modification have been made to the field headings/fields included in the Playing Pitch Strategy report. These minor changes seek to improve ease of use and data clarity.

Facility specifics have been added to capture how gymnastic/trampoline equipment is used in Sports Halls and Fitness studios. See the associated FAQ.

Pool hoist information is no longer a site level attribute. This information is now captured as a facility specific. See the associated FAQ.

Changes have been made to the way Site Equipment is recorded. See the associated FAQ.

Map layers have been updated. Layers updated include Sport England Investments, Local Authority, and Postcode boundaries